Garden Path

Our client requested access to the backyard for guests. This side yard's slope/erosion problem was solved with the construction of a retaining wall to raise and level the existing grade.

Garden path icon
A stone pathway surrounded by plants


Large fieldstone stepping stones were installed between lush, colorful plantings to provide our client's guests with a memorable garden stroll before entering the backyard.

Plantings icon
A fully landscaped backyard

Shady Area

Our client's small side yard had to much shade which made growing grass next to impossible. A flagstone patio and shady plant material made for a functional and aesthetic solution.

Shady area icon
A shaded side yard with suitable plants

Beds & Borders

Planted beds and borders with a variety of colors and textures create bold lines enhancing the beauty of your home.

Beds and Borders icon
Bright seasonal plants in a rural back yard
  • Curb appeal icon Curb Appeal
  • Natural stone icon Natural Stone
  • Shade tolerant planting icon Shade Tolerant Planting
  • Eye Catching and Inviting

    Through a variety of colors and textures a warm and inviting gathering space can easily be achieved. Attractive groundcovers, flowering shrubs, stacked stone, brightly colored shrubs and a cutleaf Japanese Maple make this yard more appealing.

    A fully landscaped front yard
  • A modern, yet timeless addition

    Natural Stone is very popular in any landscape. It can be used as an accent, a focal point, a walking surface...the possibilities go on and on. In this example, Tennessee fieldstone is dry stacked to create an attractive turfline/planting bed border.

    A stacked stone retention area on the side of a driveway entrance
  • A solution for all seasons

    Are you tired of trying to grow grass under a canopy of shade tree? We can create a lush look through the use of shade tolerate plantings.

    A bed of shade tolerant plants